How Live Your Legend Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
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I’ve followed Scott for a couple years now and seen him grow from just another blogger to become a Barr-Babauta lovechild in both his awesomeness and authenticity.  What I love most about Scott is the depths he goes to punch out a post.  None of that 400 word musing shite.  No way!

Instead almost every post he launches is a 2000+ word essay of epic proportions.  This quality is what has helped him build a passive income empire.  Now before we go any further, Scott would be the first person to slap me across the face with a dueling glove Homer style and say “It ain’t passssssive man!”.

Well, we can debate it all we want, but for me it’s simple; Scott creates a piece of content, whether that’s a blog post or info product once, and then benefits from it over and over again without doing much if any extra work.  Although he keeps adding new content all the time, that doesn’t make the older content any less passive. I guess the better, more correct term to use is residual income then.  But we’re getting into Monty Python territory here.  Okay, so let’s look at what Scott’s done to generate – I believe he recently reported – something like $100,000 a year from his blog.

First up, Scott promotes a lot of quality products, often of his personal friends, eg Corbett Barr’s Fizzle, or Leo’s Sea Change.  Plus he promotes other products he believes in and uses (you know the usual suspects).  Now don’t be confused.  Scott is not in the make money online niche.  He straddles it, but he’s not deeply in it.

What he teaches people is how to quit their shitty jobs and work on something that matters. Admittedly, for many of these people starting a blog themselves and making money online is the idea.  But not for everyone.  And if you look at Scott’s two info products you’ll see they ain’t MMO at all.

One is for people looking to quit their jobs and pursue their passions, and the more recent one is for people looking to learn how to connect with anyone.  So career and networking advice if you will.

As you can imagine if you’ve ever read his blog, the products are freaking huuuge.  Packed with a ton of information, resources and video.  It shouldn’t surprise you that Scott’s corresponding pricing policy is premium.

The Live Your Passion course sells for $197 for example.  Anyways, I just want to share a few more lessons from Scott’s case study.  He came up with all his product ideas by looking at what he knew a lot about already – he created by-products of what he had already worked hard to become good at…ie goals/passion and connecting with people.  I love this.

As I keep saying, think about what you already kick ass on and spin it out into a blog and associated info product.  Boom!  PS for those of you with jobs saying I don’t have the time to pursue anything like this, remember Scott has done it all whilst running a six-figure investment fund, being happily married and keeping super fit & healthy.

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