How Ready Set Go Kits Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
| 4 minutes read

This site is awesome! It’s another great example of how easy it is to come up with an idea when you simply do some self-reflection on what topics you know a bit about.

The pair behind this site spent a few weeks thinking about all the areas they had been involved in over the years, from dancing to emergency rescue. Good.

Next they tried to whittle down the list by looking at which interests had products that could easily be drop shipped. This killed some ideas fast.

Soon enough they landed on emergency/disaster first aid kits!

What I love most is how niched up and boring this idea is. Whenever an idea lacks sex appeal, it usually also lacks serious competition since there are so few people out there going “Oh I’m so excited about starting up a safety maps business”.

The big lessons Amy and her partner learnt were detailed in their interview with Ferriss over at the 4HWW Blog, and in short; don’t overinvest in online business building info products, don’t assume things like who will buy your product before you actually start selling, try to meet your dropshipper/supplier in person, and spend money from the get go on professionals like SEO dudes. Awesome!

I will qualify that last point by saying, spend the money only once you havevalidated the idea, eg by creating a fake sales page and linking it to a $200 Google Adwords campaign, that then converts a few percentage.

Now, after spending some time myself analyzing their business I have a few more things to add.

First of all, since launching, they’ve launched a sister site that provides disaster plans. From what I can tell, this is a keyword-optimized content-rich site that is no doubt working a treat for them in terms of getting Google love and then passing on visitors to their original ecommerce storethanks to the many display ads and text links.

What else?

They’ve literally assembled every possible thing under the sun on disaster planning and kits…they even have a kit for dogs!  By going ‘all in’ if you will they would be immediately recognizable by first time visitors as anauthority site.  And we all know authority means trust means sales.

Plus they also sell supplies for all kinds of disaster scenarios.

But probably one of the best things I like about their idea and the niche they chose, is the fear element. Nothing sells better than fear, especially in today’s hyper fear-driven world, where the media is your main marketing partner!

People don’t really need this stuff, but the thought that they might need it pushes them to buy.

Imagine you had a product that people said “Well I don’t really need this, but I should still get it”! Amazing.

So think about what products you could sell that cure people’s anxiety and fears of ‘what if’. Or perhaps, what products or target audiences you can sell to anxious, nervous people…hello parents! These types of products and target markets are everywhere.

PS you should also take a lot of optimism from the fact that they easily found a drop shipper for emergency kits of all sorts.  That means you should be able to find one for pretty much any half normal niche (goodbye painful fulfillment work).

PPS some other nice touches on their site; 30 day money back guarantee (a must these days for ecommerce sites), user reviews functionality and free shipping on orders over $50.  Three real no brainer factors to increase conversion on any ecommerce store.

Visit Ready Set Go Kits or check out Four Hour Work Week Blog where case study originally spotted