How Sheet Music Plus Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
| 1 minutes read

A marketplace for digital downloads of sheet music.  You can find everything from Metallica for Alto Sax to Florence and the Machine for Cello!!

To be fair this marketplace business model is a big ask of most people.  To really crush it you need to create a very advanced website where users can submit their wares for sale etc etc.  And you need to of course get the traction in the market to become the leading central depository of all things related to your niche.  But ask yourself what smaller niche you could become the marketplace for?  Eg Chihuahua clothing!

Obviously something where the product is digital is best, eg sewing patterns.  Anyways, back to Sheet Music Plus.  You’ll see there is a very high asking price for this type of product (niched sheet music).  I mean just looking at something like Best of Metallica for Alto Sax…the digital download is $11!

In a world where music is pretty much free – or streamed on sites like Spotify for next to nothing – isn’t it wondrous that Metallica sheet music, being the specialized hard-to-find thing it is, can fetch what record companies could only dream new release albums still could!

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