How Taller Heels Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
| 2 minutes read

Ever wonder how Tom Cruise can sometimes look a lot taller than he actually is?

Well, thanks to a combination of a special shoe and an inside ‘lift’ insole he can vary by about a foot in height!

This is the same technique that everyone from Robert Downey Jr to John Wayne have used in Hollywood, and it has caught on in the real world as shorter than average men try to gain a few inches so they can boost their confidence and expand the dating pool open to them.

So we’re dealing with a high pain niche, where people are willing to pay good money to solve a big problem.

That’s why Taller Heels can afford to price their insoles (not shoes) at $20 and up, even though they probably only cost $1 to make!  Hello 90% profit margin.

And think about this idea from an inventory and fulfillment point of view…

You could store 1000s of insoles with a warehouse fulfiller for almost nothing since they don’t take up much room AND you could mail them for a dollar or two since they pretty much weigh nothing.  No wonder they heavily advertise free shipping!

Also, looking at the customer and the product, you know they are never going to order just one insole.  These guys (and gals) will need different fitting and height adjusting insoles to suit their different collection of shoes.  Multiple sales!

And oh yeah, when the insoles wear down a bit and start to get a bit old, you have a returning customer in no time.

If you think about this ecommerce idea a bit you’ll start to realize howsimple this site would have been to create and how little maintenance it would need (assuming they have an automated backend and use a fulfillment warehouse).

It’s a great example of a nice and easy first business for all you ecommerce virgins out there!

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