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You could spend weeks beating your head against a wall trying to work out whether you have a good idea…

Pitch Your Passive Income IdeaOr you could simply submit your elevator pitch in the form below and let someone who’s been experimenting with passive income ideas for years now, tell you whether it’s smart, dumb or ballsy.

Not only will I give you a very clear yes or no but I will also pick the idea apart, show you it’s pros and cons, and give you some serious pointers for turning it into a money spinning machine (well, kinda).

As you can see on this site, I go CSI forensic on ideas to work out whether they will work or not, and my feedback for ideas averages 500-1000 words.  So you’re going to get some awesome advice with this service.

At the minute I’m inviting all ideas, so pitch away!  I can’t guarantee I will review every idea that comes my way, but I sure will try.  There’s absolutely no charge for the service.  It’s completely free.  All I ask in return is that (providing it’s a good idea) you allow me to include it on this website (without your name attached of course, to protect your privacy).

If you want your idea to remain 100% private between you and I, that’s fine too.  But then the review fee is USD $380.  Either way, get typing and let’s get reviewing.

Have a little tipple of Scotch, get excited and pitch away!

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