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When I was trying to think of my first information product to make all those years ago, I nearly pulled my hair out.

Information Product IdeasWhat the heck do I choose?  At first it was a case of having no ideas, and then after about 2 weeks of intense research it was a case of being overwhelmed by choice.  My head felt like a bunch of mini brain monkeys had broken in and started drinking the $20 Scotch and doing freaking jungle vine leaps all around.

That is to say, I felt confused, frustrated and well, slightly crazy.  How I wish someone had written a list of the top information product ideas for me back then.  Well, here you go!

Before we start listing out the best info product ideas, let me show you what thinking drives these ideas…

We want an idea that is suuuuuuuuuper niche

When someone comes to me saying they want to start up a fitness blog and then sell an online course about getting fit for summer, I wanna bitch slap them down and yell “Niche your sheeeeet up son!”.  A good passive income idea is one that tackles a very very very specific topic.  Think “How to correct neck posture for office workers” or “How to get ripped like a Spartan from 300”, not “How to get fit for summer”.

The reason super niches rule is that there’s less competition, when the person with that specific pain sees your product they go “Finally, exactly what I was looking for”, you can become the go-to authority in that field, you’ll be able to guest post on other sites since you’ve actually got something unique to say and well, you’ll generally kick ass with it

We want an idea that solves a painful head-splitting problem…we want to be someone’s aspirin!

This is sooooo important.  It should really be the first driving idea.  Unless we’re selling an info product that cures someone’s pain, we’re not going to make any passive income at all.

To illustrate, think about selling someone an ebook on minimalism / decluttering versus selling someone an ebook on getting hired out of law school.  The former solves a minor problem (oh I want a cleaner house), whilst the latter solves a problem of epic proportions (I need a freaking job to pay off $200k in law school fees mofos!!).

How to Get Ripped Like A Spartan From 300, and other health & fitness ideas

You’ve probably heard of the Spartan exercise and diet program.  There are a few info products out there on this specific topic.  I wanted to start with it because it’s very inspirational and informative of what makes a successful passive income generating info product idea.

It’s super niche.  It targets a big pain (for young guys anyway!).  It is in the always successful health and fitness realm.  It plays off a big trend / big idea, which is the movie 300 .

Think about what you can do that is super niche within the health and fitness industry…perhaps a course on posture for office workers, or pre natal pilates for expecting moms, or even a rowing program that uses all the exercise and diet tips from the Oxford rowing crew!

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