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This site is not primarily driven by money, because making money from teaching people how to make money is a bit weird.

That’s why 95%+ of my passive income comes from niches that have nothing to do with teaching people how to make money online.

With all that said, we do derive some income from this site and per FTC rules, we need to make a big ass transparent disclosure here.

First, the obvious: many of the sites and products we link to are either people we work with or whose products we have used.

Second, the less obvious: Per FTC rules, we need to declare every interest we have in any product or service we recommend.  From earning a whopping 80 cents from an Amazon affiliate sale of a popular passive income book to getting a free hat from the cool people at Media Temple…we need to declare!

This would be insane if we had to do it for every product and post, and it would render your reading experience horrible (this is a minimalist designed website as well!).

So with all that said, you should just assume that everything mentioned on this site and linked to is an affiliate product, from which we earn a commission.

If you’ve read many disclosures like this in your life you’ll probably notice this is very similar in tone and content to others, and this in particular has been 98% inspired by Tim Ferriss’s well written disclosure over at Four Hour Work Week.

If you don’t want to use an affiliate link, no problems.  All you need to do is after you click a link, grab the simple URL and jump into a different browser or private window.  Done.  We really don’t care.

This website is not primarily financially driven.  We just want you to use the tools we’ve found after 1000s of hours of trial and error, and over $50,000 in wasted investments!  Let our mistakes be your reward.

Lawyer hat, off!

Now let’s get on with the show!

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