How Best PSD Freebies Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
| 2 minutes read

I loved reading about this site, because it’s not to do with MMO niche (hahah) and it is a very small side project done by a team of web designers, so it’s replicable by even the most time starved amongst us.

I’m guessing the name tell you all you need to know; these guys give away free Photoshop designs on this website.  Through a mix of good SEO’d content, guest posts and social media work, they’ve built up to 30,000 monthly uniques – a very high number!

I guess it helps they’re web experts themselves.  So how do they make their money?  Well, the tried and true formula is at work here; give away free content and earn money by upselling people premium resources (eg a $12 HTML template they made) and by making affiliate sales of other related products that their target audience loves (eg WordPress themes, graphics, premium plugins etc).

Truth be told, this hasn’t turned into a massive money spinner if you look at their reported earning on MDBP, with just $4,000 or so being made in about the span of 12-18 months.  And if you look at the sheer amount of content they’ve put up, this could be a little disheartening for many of you.

Let’s analyse!  I think it’s clear what the problem here is; a website built around giving away stuff for free will always attract people who don’t like paying for stuff.  The kind of people not in a hurry to click an affiliate link to go buy a premium graphic or theme or plugin etc.

The average designer (they’re target) wants everything for free and thanks to the amount of free stuff online, has been conditioned to expect it and continue searching until they find it.

So the big lesson to take away is target topics and audiences with a high propensity to rip out their credit card online!

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