How Bride Online Australia Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
| 3 minutes read

These guys make a fortune!  They’ve created pretty much the #1 resource site for weddings in Australia and the result…revenue streams up the wazoo!!

Let’s just skip the BS, and lay out exactly how they make money.

First up, the online directory that lists out suppliers of everything brides will need, from function centers to flowers to dresses to celebrants to cakes.  They have 1000s of providers listed and the price to get listed ranges from $500 to $1000+ a year depending on where abouts you want to show up.

That’s the sort of bargaining position you can be in when you generate the amount of traffic they do.

The key to their traffic building was simple; free shit.  Mainly free content, but also more complicated and in-depth information such as online planning tools for example.

This should be setting off alarm bells in any person’s head.  What free advice and tools can I give potential customers? 

For example, say I sell snowboarding equipment, well then maybe I can also offer free how-to articles, travel guides to specific ski towns, plus free video courses etc.  Maybe even a free weekly tip lesson from a snowboarding pro.

Now I can imagine a lot of you would be thinking, “I can never create a million dollar passive income site like Bride Online”.  Well, who gives a shit.  I can’t either.  But what we can do is create multiple niched up Bride Online style sites.

Think about it.  All you need to dominate is to niche down.  Instead of trying to control the entire bridal space, why not just go for something small and focused, like the wedding videographer space.  ie create a directory site for wedding videographers in your country, where you basically list them all, review them, interview them etc, and have dozens of articles on how to choose the right videographer, important tips for preparing, how to make the most of it on the day etc etc.

And remember someone like a wedding videographer charges $1000s for a day’s work…so your referral fees could be in the $100s…per affiliate sale!!

I don’t want to go into any more detail here, but make sure you have a system setup to track affiliate sales, so you get paid every time.

PS I kind of went off track there, and forgot to mention other revenue streams of Bride Online including direct advertising (even for weight loss products…sadly makes sense!).  This should help you expand your thinking on what products you can affiliate sale in anyone niche.  Once you know your audience well, then you can work out what products they would probably click through on.

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