How Cake Decorating For Fun & Profit Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
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Cake decorating.  Yeah, that’s right.  An information product on cake decorating is a profitable niche!  If that doesn’t inspire you to realize pretty much any specialized knowledge you have can be turned into a profitable info product, then I don’t know what will.

This is another case study I’ve plucked from Udemy.

Jodi Schweiss I love you!  Jodi is inspiring.  Here she is with a full time job decorating cakes and yet she made the time to create this course.  As with most things Udemy related, this course is mainly video based.

Running at just 4.5 hours it is the perfect length; giving viewers just enough knowledge to be dangerous (to paraphrase Expert Enough).

All the mini lessons are broken up into 1-3 minute chunks, which allows the curriculum to really look super strong.  Nice.

Perhaps what I love even more about this course is the fact that you’re taking a skill that’s very hard to teach in any way other than video.  So you’re truly adding value.

And given this would replace $300 cooking classes in cake making, then the price tag of just $39 seems a steal.

For those of you wondering the big question, how much has it made, well you’ll be happy to know it’s so far brought in 459 students.  About $18,000.  Not bad at all, for a course that probably only took a week or two to record and polish. 

And since Udemy takes care of the rest, then you’d have to say Jodi’s roughly $14,000 take home money is a great freaking return on timeinvested!  Now go write down every single skill or knowledge you have, and work out what video courses you can teach.

PS need inspiration?  Go visit Udemy now and search through their differentcategories to see what other people have made; you’ll find derivative ideas aplenty here.

PPS I should say as a general observation the most popular courses on Udemy – the ones really killing it – are the ones to do with technology, whether it’s HTML5 or Windows 8 or Photoshop or Excel etc.

Visit Cake Decorating or check out Udemy where case study originally spotted