How Canadian Personal Will Kit Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
| 2 minutes read

A very simple site by an attorney up in Canada, that shows us how easy it is to turn your expertise – something you consult with people on – into a product.  Think about it…every lawyer uses a template.  All they need to do is get a website created, whack it up and then market with some free articles on will kits for Google.  Autopilot!!  And anyone out there thinking, “Oh, but I charge $3,000 for a will, why should I give it away for $35?”.

Simple.  The people buying your will kit were never intending to pay a lawyer $3,000.  You’re not losing customers to your cheaper option, you’re just gaining new customers you would never have had before.  And for absolutely zero extra work per client!  Now obviously the will kit is a very simple and readily available product out there, hence it’s very meager $35 price tag over at Canadian Personal Will Kit.  But let your mind wonder for a minute.  What are harder to find templates and also involve helping people save $1000s on lawyers fees and help them protect their life’s assets?  Hmmmm, separation agreements perhaps!

I’m working on a site in this space now and it’s going to boom!  Here is an area where existing templates are crap and the instruction on how to fill them out – essential – even poorer or non-existent.  Imagine how an A grade template along with 1 hour video course will go in this market.  And since it’s not readily available info and will save people $1000s, the price tag can jump from $35 to $200!  That’s how you make money.  But to make even more, as always move towards templates that the business world needs…because for them it’s never an expense, as much as it is a necessary investment.

Businesses all around the country would love to save $1000s on things like setting up an LLC, a joint venture, incorporating in another state etc etc.  There’s templates for all this stuff.  And moving beyond laywers, what other professions can offer template versions of existing rip off services?

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