How Cookbook Village Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
| 2 minutes read

I love this site as it’s a great example of niching down from a market where almost no one makes money (books) to a market where some profit still exists (cooking books).

Now if cookbooks in general was the niche here we’d have to conclude that the founders should be institutionalized, because who the f**k could compete with Amazon?

But that’s where the niche just gets nichier!

The site decided to specialize in vintage, rare and used cookbooks. This is great for a couple reasons.

For starters, the focused brand will steal front of mind from visitors – if they think old cookbooks, they no longer think Amazon. Whenever you are an expert in such a specific space you own it.

The niche also rules because of the target audience; hello crazy ass chefs, home cooks and rich retired people. These are the kinds of people – foodies if you will – that don’t know how much is enough when it comes to cookbooks. They’re always looking for the next thing before they’ve even opened their latest book.

Cooking is like crack cocaine in that way.

But here Cookbook Village gets to deal a legal substance and wow, therepeat sales must be freaking amazing.

I’m sure Cookbook Village also has a regular newsletter featuring the latest books they’ve got in, and that is bound to make the site super sticky for these poor insane cooking enthusiasts.

One of the big things Cookbook Village does with its ecommerce store is theshopping experience. It’s so much more fun than Amazon.  And the detail you get with the books is very cool. Kind of like you were stepping into a real world boutique cookbook shop. Nice!

Think about what real world stores you can take online, whilst maintaining the fun browsing element for customers.

Also think about product niches that are home to ravenous consumers, the kind of mindless addicts that buy product after product…hello knitters!

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