How Dot On Paper Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
| 2 minutes read

These guys make plugins for WordPress sites.  One example – and one plugin I have used previously – is a thumbnail gallery plugin.  It’s brilliant.

You can upload all your images with one click and place the gallery (with your exact specifications) anywhere on your site.  Solves so many headaches it’s not funny!  And for all this, the price is just $15.

Now you might think, “Hey I’m not going to piss around designing plugins to sell for a couple bucks”.  But to say that is to not understand the plugin – or small software – market.  It’s a market where passive income can easily reach $70,000+ a year off the back of 4-5 popular $15 plugins!

This is a mass market.  Consumers in this market are very good at consuming (maybe 80% are free devotees, but the rest are ravenous consumers if the plugin saves them time on a project they’re getting paid $1000s for or if it’s a function they can’t do otherwise).

Let’s take a look at Dot on Paper for example.  Since being a member of Themeforest they’ve sold around 7,500 products.  Let’s say the average price is $15 and they keep 70%.  Well, then that’s a very nice $80,000 or so.  And we’re talking about pretty freaking simple plugins here that are all fairly related, eg sliders, gallerys etc – almost one piece of work.

Since the products are so simple and come with good documentation, you could also expect this line of their business to be pretty passive.  Maybe they have one part-time VA doing support and they chime in from time to time if there is a problem.  But otherwise the central Q&A and instructions that is the documentation does the heavy lifting for them.  Boom!

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