How Dream Euro Trip Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
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Who wants to travel full time and make a living telling other people about the things they’ve learnt doing it?  Hells yeah!

Well that’s exactly what about 10 million other people think, because there must be a gazillion travel blogs out there today.  Crazy to think how competitive this niche is.  But this is arguably the case with all good niches out there; ie niches where there are a lot of people interested in the topic and where a lot of money is spent.

This site is by a college student from Sweden and basically focuses on educating young people about how to travel Europe on a budget and in a limited time – and have a feck load of fun doing it.

I think the monetization strategy is smart; basically affiliate links like any good site, but then what I like the most is how the site is geared towardsfunneling visitors into the email list whether its via the ‘estimate your trip cost’ widget or by the quality info resources.

You see, what then happens is that users (who are keen on travelling to Europe and saving money) then get plied with special offers for trips and attractions and hotels throughout Europe.  Brilliant!

Like a mini Groupon site for budget travellers.

Now the dude behind this site, DJ Yabis as he calls himself, is also offering a service for $70-$250 to act as your travel agent in a way; he suggests an itinerary for you based on you filling out a questionnaire.

I have no idea if he does the work himself (given his passion on the site, I think yes) or gets a VA to do it (who would just work off some basic templates and tailor it to the number of days and destinations the person has written in the questionnaire).  But either way I’m not keen to mark this down as an additional passive income stream.

So anyways, time for the big question of how much money does this site make?

Per DJ Yabis’s earnings report on Million Dollar Blog Project it seems about $4,000 a year.  Although he’s not going to retire on that and we don’t know how much of it is from his service, I still think it’s a great case study of picking a crowded niche, then niching down, then creating lots of personable content and monetizing it through smart ways like his budget cost calculator widget.

I’m sure when people get their budget report, they also get links to products/services that will allow them to achieve that budget…and or invitations to use his personal itinerary service.  All up, nice work!

Visit Dream Euro Trip or check out Million Dollar Blog Project where case study originally spotted