How Evernote Essentials Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
| 2 minutes read

An ebook on how to use Evernote.  $160,000 passive income (net) a year.  Oh yeaaaaaaaaah baby!  Round of Pina Coladas on Brett Kelly, the author of this puppy!!

I first read about Brett on the Four Hour Work Week blog and more in Chris Guillibeau’s $100 Startup Book, and was blown away.  What a great idea!!  Find a hot product that is complicated and then create an all-in-one plain English guide on how to use it.  The better your instruction – think screenshots, step-by-step instructions, and best of all, videos – the more you sell.

The key for me is finding something where the company behind it has not created the greatest support system or how to guide.  Or where their guide is not comprehensive enough for power users.  This is always something you need to check.  I mean, take Optimize Press – a complicated WordPress theme that pretty much everyone online is using to sell info products.  It is complicated sure.  But James Dyson’s video tutorial library alone covers pretty much every issue I ever encountered, and then some.  And he backs that up with a treasure trove of PDF tutorials and what not.  You couldn’t make a dime releasing an Evernotes Essential type product for Optimize Press.  So be careful.  Anywas, back to Brett.

So he created an info product on a technology product, which means he does need to update it year to year (annoying a bit).  But hey you can’t win all your passive income battles.  So Brett’s ebook (or online course?) has gone on to sell over 18,000 copies at the very smart price point of $29.

Oh yeah, you should realize the limits on your pricing when you create an info product on how to use an inexpensive technological program for which there is already a lot of free information available on.

One more thing we have to learn from Brett’s example, is how hard he worked on creating the ultimate guide.  If you too can create a guide so comprehensive and understandable you too will no doubt kick some ass.  Brett’s guide was so good that Evernote hired him!!

Visit Evernote Essentials or check out Four Hour Work Week where case study originally spotted