How Habit RPG Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
| 1 minutes read

As Tyler Renelle (dude behind this app) says, Things, OmniFocus, Wunderlist and every other GTD app out there are great for everything, except motivation.  And that’s where is software comes in.  Whether you use the online or iOS version, you can finally be productive and get the rewards you need to stay motivated and stay on track.

The motivation comes because Tyler turns GTD into a role playing sort of game.  You earn rewards for getting things done.  Smart idea.  And the people would agree, since it raised $30,000 on Kickstarter recently.

Once he finished the iOS apps, he will be looking at a great money making app that he can give limited support for over time, and otherwise reap profits from going forward.

Once again, Kickstarter is a very cool testing ground for any idea, and something like an app fits it perfectly since the audience has a tech bias and finding out whether people want it (and will pay) means you can then go away and spend your money with full knowledge it is for a worthwhile cause.

Visit Habit RPG or check out Kickstarter where case study originally spotted