How Hollywood Physique Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
| 3 minutes read

First heard about this product through Derek Johanson, an online entrepreneur who creates and co-creates products for his fellow online entrepreneurs (eg course on copy writing, course on information product creation and now a course on fitness.).

So it seems to me Derek would have advised Clay – the fitness expert – on how to create this info product, and in doing so I think they’ve created something pretty cool.

In a niche that is saturated with info products on how to build muscle, get ripped and generally become a world beating mofo, you can imagine the challenge of launching a successful passive income stream in it would be tough.  But here’s what I think the guys have done right.

First up, coming up with the idea for the course; they’ve done so well to finesse the idea away from simple ‘get ripped’ to more of a ‘get the Hollywood look in 12 weeks without killing yourself’.  Nice!

Drawing on Hollywood for any fitness product is genius in my opinion, which you may have seen me rant about when talking about the 300Workout.  But perhaps the coolest thing to learn from this case study has to do with the way they sell the info product.

Unlike the majority of info products out there, they haven’t resorted to some bang up eyesore of a sales page packed with all sorts of hypnotic sales devices.

Instead, they have a funnel like this.  Authors, like Derek himself, share their success story on their personal blog, and this is a nice plain text and a few photos type of article (so not overly salesy).

People then click through to the sales page, which is surprise surprise, fairly similar looking to Real Passive Income Ideas…ie minimalist, focus on writing, photos used sparingly etc.  You’re not reading a sales page, you’re reading a long article.  You get to here the origin story of how Clay came up with the idea (PS Origin stories are one of the best ways to open a sales page).

Moreover, they keep things simple and just keep throwing proof-of-concept in your face with transformation photos of people you probably already know, eg Derek.  When your product is great AND has already chalked up results, this is THE strategy to pursue.

What I also love about this sales page is the string of screenshots of users emailing in with their thanks and success stories.  Brilliant.  If you ever bought the M6 Method (a now defunct $2,000 info product that Derek co-launched), you’ll see the formula used on their sales page of what + origin story + how it works + what it includes + proof of concept (in this case transformation photos) + qualifying reader + CTA + FAQ + further proof of concept (screenshot email testimonials).

Visit Hollywood Physique or check out Live Uncomfortably where case study originally spotted