How Joy Proof Makes Money

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Joy Proof is a software program that allows you to video record your virtual assistant – or any other outsourced worker’s – computer whilst they are on the clock.

The idea is simple; remote monitoring will ensure that when your VA clocks on for 8 hours of work, they actually do 8 hours of work.  As you can imagine this solves a big pain for online entrepreneurs who have privately contracted with an outsourced worker.

Note: when you contract through platforms like Odesk this technology comes with the platform for free.  Anyways, perhaps the most inspiring part of this story is that the company was started by a busy father with no experience in the software world at all.  And the way he found the idea was through suffering the pain of not knowing whether he was getting ripped off when he was outsourcing himself.  That brings us to a huge point: what pains, frustrations, problems do you suffer day to day with your work and your life? Write them all out and then ideate on the ones that cause you the most suffering.  How could you fix them?  That’s how killer software ideas are born.

Anyways, back to the idea.  Joy Proof is very simple software.  Basically deploying screen capture with automatic uploading to the cloud etc.  You could get this built for a few $1000 using outsourced workers (hahaha) and off-the-shelf software products.  I love that combination for anyone just dipping their toes in the world of online software, since it reduces headaches and dramatically increases the chances of them being successful.  Nice.

Perhaps one of the coolest parts of this idea is that Joy Proof can charge a low recurring monthly fee.  That means you rope your customers in with a low price like $9 or $14 (depending on number of screenshots you want), and then keep them in for a long time, whilst their payments are slowly ticking over to you without making much of an impact on the client’s costs line.

This really is the perfect example of the kind of software you can start up this month and be earning headache free passive income within 6 months time.  You can learn a few other things from this case study, but perhaps the biggest; for any software product an explainer video, whether in animated or face on a screen form, is an absolute must.  This literally does 80% of the selling.  And oh yeah, state the big pain/problem at the top of the homepage in 6-8 words and the solution in 10-15.  Perfecto!

Visit Joy Proof or check out Four Hour Work Week Blog where case study originally spotted

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