How MacX DVD Ripper Pro Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
| 2 minutes read

This is a great little program for converting your DVDs into MP4s or whatever video format you like on your Mac.  And it’s a great example of a passive income business, because it’s a software product that needs pretty much no user support, since it is so simple to buy, download and use.

Big respect to the guys and gals who made this for systematizing their business so well.  From Googling “convert DVD to computer on Mac” and finding them automatically, to learning about the product through extensive video and article coverage, to using it with their simple help page, I gotta say well done!!  Better yet, the product is priced nicely, around $40 mark, and suits people who can’t be bothered messing around trying to find a free version that works and doesn’t infect their computer with spyware or whatever.

The tech behind this software is not very complicated, and as with many software ideas you shouldn’t put this beyond your own reach.  Often an idea can be easily executed by mish mashing a bunch of existing template-style code together, and then customizing around the edges.  Ie just like with building a website, you don’t need to create everything from scratch with software.

So think about what problems you’ve had recently with your tech or things you’d love to be able to do, and then turn to a simple software solution…you can get it made for a couple $1000 if you keep it nice and simple.  And hey…ripping DVDs on a Mac is just one of 1000s of things people want to do with their computers.

You could even get inspired by this case study in this way; what popular cool (and simple) apps/software are on one platform, but not on another?  Can you create something similar, without infringing, and then launch it on the other platform?  FYI it’s not hard to not infringe, I mean think about screen capture technology for example…there’s tons of players doing this.

But before you get too crazy you should ask is there a reason the other platform company isn’t doing it?  Oh and one more big thing…ask yourself what software out there is free AND pretty shit in terms of user friendliness?  Could you create a better version and charge a premium for it?  Sure this wouldn’t appeal to probably 70% of the market, but there is always going to be that 30% of the market who just want the easy path and are willing to pay a few dollars for it.

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