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Can you think of a more enticing title for an info product?  Nup, me neither.  It really speaks to people’s pains of wanting to get into software development, but fearing that it’s way outside their reach.  Perfect pitch.  So this course is offered on Udemy, which I’ve talked about before – it’s a platform for creating and selling courses.  Check it out to learn more.

So what I love about this info product is that it’s so smart in it’s focus.  It’s not teaching people how to develop all kinds of apps; it’s just focused on games.  This is different to 80%+ of the other courses out there that hope to teach everything and end up teaching nothing.  There is also that idea of people saying ‘this is exactly what I’m looking for’ when they see a very specific course like this; you sell them in seconds.  And the way John Bura delivers the course – in true Udemy style – is 100% video.

Nothing beats teaching people technical skills than how-to screencasts.  With a whopping 10 hours of video in the course, the value is also super clear to users…this isn’t some crappy 30 page ebook.  I also love the Udemy approach to selling.  The sales page has a couple of plain English paragraphs talking and problem-solution and what’s included, and then every single tutorial is listed below it.  Since Udemy encourages course creators to break lessons up into tiny video lessons, it also means that the course looks gigantic!  I implore you to jump over to the sales page for this course now to look at the ‘table of contents’ if you like – seeing that level of info can convince people in the blink of an eye that the course is worth taking a punt on.

For any of you who’ve looked into creating your own apps, you’re probably aware there is a huge collection of courses out there on the topic.  So why is this one killing it?  How has John sold 2387 copies of his $100 course?!  Well, we talked before about the idea being intelligently focused, and not too broad.  But you also have a great price point in $97.  Plus there is the big fact that John is an expert in his niche, with his company having produced over 100 popular games, including Apple Store #1 ranking games.  This is an important point.  Whatever niche you choose, make sure you are an expert and can demonstrate your expert status.  Tim Ferriss wrote an interesting chapter in the Four Hour Work Week on how to achieve expert status in a super short amount of time…read this!

If you can prove this you can print money, because the average info product creator is either a faceless person (think tacky sales pages) or some underachieving douchebag (think low quality, poorly lit, web cam recorded sales videos!).  I’ve also ranted about Udemy in other parts of this site, but seriously, if you are looking to quickly launch a video course this is THE way to go.  You could even use it as a testing platform for a small course, and if it proves successful, launch a bigger membership site style course of your own elsewhere.

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