How Management Consulted Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
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This site is aimed at students and young professionals looking to break into management consulting.  It’s another great careers advice site with a slew of info products on offer.

The model with MC is simple; tempt students in with great free content, then put them through a free ecourse, and then once enough trust and desire has been built in the content itself, offer the paid-for comprehensive and structured version.

As with pretty much any career advice info product, this one benefits from the fact that students are in desperate need for the product.  They’ve just spent $100,000 on an education and now need to beat 100 other students to one spot.  We are talking desperate times.

Can you see how easy it is to sell a quality info product on getting recruiting into your dream job?  Well, then think about it…what information do you know, that can help people land a better job, improve their prospects or generally help them make more money?  I’ve always been a big believer in doing any info product that either makes people money or saves them money. Because when you can show that as a probable result of buying your product, you can frame the product in the most convincing light; invest $97 now to potentially earn $100,000 in one years time.  Boom!  It’s all over.

Anyways, back to Management Consulted.  Their info products cover every stage of recruiting; introduction to consulting, resumes, cover letters, interviews and even networking.  And the resources they’ve developed for these stages are phenomenal.  From collections of 300+ case studies and Q&A, to a database with over 2000 contact emails and numbers of recruiters!  You can see why students would spend $100s on this stuff.  Smartly, they also offer their info products as bundles; so instead of paying $95 per product, you can get all of them for say $197.

The big takeaway there though is the usefulness of the info products.  They aren’t just writing ebooks on how to break into consulting.  Instead they are creating immediately useful and engaging resources; eg the database or Q&A library.  That’s super important, because students are lazy and 200-page ebook doesn’t have quite the engaging ring to it.  Management Consulted also over a bunch of coaching services, which is passive income…for the founder of the site, since he outsources the work to fellow consultants looking to earn side income from a few hour long telephone conversations or resume edits.  Nice setup, right?!

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