How Minimalist Path Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
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This is an interesting case study that you have to check out, because you should be able to relate to it.

David quit his job and started hunting out some good old passive income. He decided to hit up the minimalism niche. This was back in 2009, before the niche was insanely crowded.

Side note: although a niche like minimalism is packed, it is still attractive because big numbers show big interest and well, if you examine the average minimalist aficionado (eg me!) we often buy everrrrry single info product on minimalism we can lay our hands on; ironic as f*ck, right?! But true.

Anyways, back to the story, David created an ebook on how to simplify your sheeeeet in 31 days. A great concept for an ebook, since he wasstructuring information that was so fragmented around the blogosphere.

This is a huuuuuuuge point to take in before we continue; every niche suffers from information overload and information fragmentation, so if you can synthesize an unwieldy body of knowledge into something succinct and structured, you will basically create yourself a license to print money!

Hint: every single niche is crying out for one-stop shop, compilation style, structured products…just like what this very website, Real Passive Income Ideas, aims to do with the make money online niche.

I actually bought his ebook back when he launched it, and it was great.

For $10 or so, I can’t remember exactly, it was a step-by-step guide that got results immediately. I think I heard of it as I’d read about it on another minimalism blog.

So let’s talk strategy here.

His big power play was hooking up with affiliates to promote his ebook. That said, he also converted many of his readers himself through his popular blog.

David said he made about $1000 in sales a month from the ebook, of which he had to pay out about $300 in affiliate fees. So $700 net passive income every month, month after month.

Not bad for an ebook on minimalism, a niche where people don’t pay much more than $10 (if anything) for ebooks.

PS I haven’t checked on this, but I’m sure as like all bloggers online, David also earns good coin from affiliating other bloggers ebooks, courses etc. in the minimalism/life improvement category. Nice!