How Nerd Fitness Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
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Steve Kamb came up with a great idea.  Take a huge topic, in this case health & fitness, and then niche it down not based on the topic, but rather based on the target audience. Before going any further, think about what this means for you and the topics you know.

Example, say you are a financial planner, maybe instead of hoping to teach stock picking for everyone you can niche down and focus on retirees and all their associated specific needs (time horizon, risk preferences, lifestyle fit etc).  This is just one of many ideation techniques out there and we go through them all in the Idea Generating Article.

Okay, back to it.  Here’s exactly how Steve has killed it online with his fitness website.  He wrote a ton of content.  He did a ton of guest posts (especially on non-fitness websites, that he knew would be read by his target audience of nerds, eg tech blogs).  He created a community around the comments section of his blog and through the massive forum component of his site (hello loyal tribe!).

FYI no better way to create a community than to create one around achieveing a goal and making it all for one, one for all styles.  He created quality, focused, structured ebooks on 3 topics in fitness, running and strength (oh and has a great upsell technique, where for just a few extra dollars people get insanely useful bonus resources like sample meal plans).

He no doubt has plenty of affiliate links in his site and ebooks to products he loves (hey, the fitness world is packed with quality products to affiliate!).  And he even has an app out that helps people quickly work out whether a food item or meal conforms with the paleo or caveman diet.  Brilliant.  I don’t think the app is going to be a money spinner, but definitely something that could pay for a great overseas trip once a year perhaps!  What a great product mix and inspiring setup for any of you thinking about the health industry for making passive income.  And inspiring for anyone worried they have too broad a niche, but can’t niche down because there is not enough to write about; ie stay with your broad topic, but niche down based on audience, eg Yoga for pregnant ladies, debt reduction for college loans, etc.

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