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Oh wow! If you thought that case study on chicken coops was immense, wait till you read about this…a site dedicated to selling all things parrot related!

Yeah, that’s right. Cages, food, toys, stands, feeding dishes, transport boxes, medicines and just about everything else under the sun…specifically for parrots.

This ecommerce idea is freaking genius.

What they’ve essentially done is taken a commodity product – bird accessories – and re-targeted it specifically at parrot owners. ie we’re talking about products that are pretty much the same for all birds, but have just been rebranded and marketed specifically for parrots!!!

This should be triggering dozens of ideas in your head, as it’s one of the most powerful idea generating techniques out there.

Just ideating in the animal world for a minute will garner 10 killers ideas; for example, a dog accessories website just became a poodle accessories website!!

To really pull it off though, you need to study the Northern Parrots site.

For one every product has Parrot in the name and often in the picture. Also, many of the products packaging itself has been branded specifically for parrots.

The lesson then is clear; if you intend to start such a niched down store you need to make sure there are products out there branded like this, otherwise you have to rebrand products yourself which can be a lot of work – FYI Northern Parrots has it’s own branded products too (not all, just a few).

This idea is genius for two other big reasons.

Parrot owners spend a lot more money on their birds than regular bird owners, and thus also on accessories (they’re like poodle owners no doubt).

So Northern Parrots is playing in a higher paying niche than most other operators in the bird world…awesome!

Also, the SEO work for this site is so much easier than it would be for a regular, general bird ecommerce store.  I mean, it’s a lot easier to get to number one for ‘parrot bird cage’ than freaking simply ‘bird cage’!

This site is huuuuuuge though, in terms of both content and products.

I’d hazard to guess it cost $50,000 to develop and probably a lot more when you add in the SEO and content marketing work.  FYI there is a lot ofgreat free content on caring for parrots here that no doubt brings in a bulk of the traffic.

But you could still be super successful niching down like this and creating your own store with Shopify, and creating your own content.

Either way, just get really excited by what this case study shows; 1) take a general market, 2) niche down and retarget.

Bonus points if you end up niching down to a premium market when going through this process…hello parrots, poodles, tropical fish etc.

Case study first spotted on: Google.

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