How Paleo Plan Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
| 3 minutes read

Love at first sight.  I’m not a paleo nut at all – I like a me some pasta! – but this site is just stunningly designed and what a smart setup in terms of content and products.

Paleo Plan is the sort of site that reminds us that in order to success with any passive income idea, you need to go all in on it and pour your heart and soul into it (at least for a few months).  That sort of up front crazy-as-a-fox kind of work is what brings about a site like Paleo Plan.  You’ve got wonderful multiple streams of income going on here, from the one-off ebook sales of $37 (or more for extended licenses) to the monthly membership to their meal plans and fitness workouts website (around $10 a month…recurring).

The niche itself is great.  Paleo is a massive trend of the last 5-10 years, being the younger cool nephew of Atkins, and given it’s ability to get results, seems here to stay indefinitely.  In a similar style to P90X, Paleo Plan helps users solve both food and exercise problems, which pretty much doubles it’s income or ability to charge.

I mean compare an ebook on six pack abs versus this.  If we ideate on this case study for a minute we can of course see all sorts of directly related ideas; you could do Paleo Plan style website for all sorts of health niches, from gluten free to vegans to fruitarians, whoever!

Going a bit more outside the box, I remember a company that goes a step beyond meal plans and actually delivers alkalinity-balanced food – it’s a Tony Robbins thing, go Google it – straight to people’s doors on a weekly basis (a lot of work to setup this kind of company and systematize it, but hello recurring revenue).

My biggest takeaway from this passive income case study is the easy-to-use resources.  People pay for things they can use straight away.  Things that don’t require them to read a 200 page ebook.  Meal plans tick that box.  And like we talked about with the whole software v info product thing, people put a higher perception of value on a functional thing like software over and above a body of knowledge they first need to learn and then painstakingly apply.

So ask yourself, what immediately-useful resources can you create to boost the perceived value of any info products you are thinking of making?  I know with the careers advice site I created, that the things students loved most were the fill-in-the gaps style templates and the samples they could just copy, paste and tweak.  They could have their resume or cover letter done in minutes and know it’s great.  Beats reading a 60 page ebook anytime…there’s a kegger to get to after all!

Visit Paleo Plan or check out $100 Startup where case study originally spotted