How Perspective Icons Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
| 2 minutes read

You’re going to love this!  So the icon business is generally thought of as a pretty tough business, since everyone online wants everything for free.

But what about if you target a niche you know has got a high pain and high willingness to pay?  For graphics?  Who be I talking about?  Mac users of course!  More specifically, Mac users that employ the most complicated GTD app on earth…Omnifocus.

And so it is with that angle, that Icons & Coffee created Perspective Icons for Omnifocus.  A simple 50 or so set of icons.  Nothing crazy.  Something that probably took less than one week of work to create.  Best of all, the minute you are in the Apple niche, there are literally hundreds and thousands of blogs out there – both on Macs, design and productivity – willing to write a post on it and link to your page (with an affiliate link of course).

So even though the set only sells for $10, you could potentially be taking in $1000s a month, for quite some time, for something that took you a few days to create.  Brilliant.  Just remember how niche this idea is – icons specifically designed for a productivity app on the Mac.

Now think about how you can niche down to the depths of this.  And hey, if you can see the craziness with which Mac users embrace such things, maybe you can also think about other audiences with equal zeal…web designers & WordPress themes is one example that springs to my mind!

Visit Perspective Icons or check out MacSparky where case study originally spotted