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This site sells pretty much every product on Earth to help people achieve balanced pH levels in their blood – ie balancing alkalinity and acid.

It’s a niched up health approach made famous by Anthony Robbins, the motivation dude from 2am TV.

I don’t really care for the theory behind the actual health approach, but I do looooove the inspiration this idea brings…

What popular trend can you leverage off and create an authority site on?

We’ve analyzed other case studies that have done this, eg Paleo Plan, and we know it works.

But what makes this niche so great to cover is the sheer variety of productsyou can sell. From green powder drinks to water alkaising machines, it’s almost limitless.

Even better, you have people like Anthony Robbins telling his millions of followers that they need x, y and z. So you have people visiting your site that are convinced and ready to buy. Now they just need to figure out what to buy!

Having been through my fair share of health fads – including this one sad to say – I know that the consumers of this sort of niche would also beravenous in their buying.  After one Anthony Robbins event they’d seriously be prepared to jump onto your site for the first time, and add 10 products to their cart with a $500 bill…without batting an eyelid!

And since we’re talking about predominantly consumable goods, eg green powder drink, you have a clientèle base that will come back to your online store again and again to top up their supplies.

If you can create monthly subscription plans for people as an offering, even better.  ie a subscription model for health products.  I don’t think pH Miracle Living has done that, but it’s a model that works well already in the delivered meals niche for example.

Another great thing about this kind of niche and something to think about with your efforts, is that people are desperate for information on products. So if you can give it to them – and it’s quality – you gain a really powerful position of trust and from this place you can sell pretty much everything they need.

With great trust, comes great responsibility though, so don’t advise people to overspend. If anything, tell them what to buy and then also tell them what is not really necessary. That’s the kind of advice that would turn anyone into a repeat customer!

Think long term success, not short term transactional success.

Dr Robert Young, the dude behind this site, has himself made an incredible effort to become a leading authority in this field with dozens of You Tube videos, how tos, recipes etc.  All for free.

So remember that when you choose a niche, even an ecommerce niche, go for something that you can effortlessly produce a ton of content on. Otherwise you’ll end up with a half assed muse sitting around page 8 of the Google searches for your keywords.

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