How Pop Chart Labs Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
| 2 minutes read

A very cool site that sells crazy cool looking infographics as posters, tshirts and more.

Weird right?! How can they make money?

But when you hit the site you’ll see how cool and engaging the products are. Definitely out of left field and definitely something I could see being immensely appealing to our hipster generation.

PCL does a great job of painting their brand in the richest kind of way too, with the whole ‘Made in Brooklyn’ vibe permeating throughout the site.

Interesting to note about this ecommerce store is how beautiful it is.

Unsurprisingly it is a Shopify powered ecommerce store. Hands down the greatest platform for beginners looking to get an online store setup in days or weeks, as opposed to months.

The big takeaways from this site are simple; almost anything you can imagine, you can sell. I mean, who would have ever even thought of the ‘infographics as art’ niche?

And for all you creatives out there selling your wares online has never been easier or cheaper.  With Shopify you can get started with a free 30 day trial and then only pay $30 a month thereafter. That means you can just get out there and test your passive income idea, and risk nothing apart from some lost time and a few bucks.

And given that PCL has been featured on sites ranging from Esquire to the Economist, it’s fair to say you don’t need to be a starving artist any longer if you make the leap into ecommerce! Get inspirrrrrrrred.

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