How Pop Up Domination Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
| 3 minutes read

Making passive income from a software product sounds pretty good right?!

You create it once and then sell it 1000s of times, with no extra work.  Well, that’s the idea anyways.

What is Pop Up Domination?

It’s a WordPress plugin that allows you to have pop up opt-in boxes on your website, so you can increase email list sign ups.  Apparently they are great at converting visitors.  But I must say I’ve found them pretty annoying myself from a user experience.  ie because most website owners configure the pop up to well, pop up, at the very start, before the new reader has even had a chance to decide whether the site is quality and is something worth giving their email away for.

I actually did buy this plugin myself a while ago and used it, but found it didn’t work great for the career/recruiting niche (based on Aweber data of opt ins).  But that says nothing about its general efficacy, because as always it depends on the site.

So the creator is Michael Dunlop.

He’s a 20-something developer and an insanely switched on Internet marketer.  The combination is dangerous and with Pop Up Domination you can see the results.

Through his relentless marketing efforts online, including a ton of content writing (much of it spread across his super popular stable of websites including Income Diary), guest posting, online networking, intelligent use of affiliates everywhere etc, he’s sold over 15,000 copies of his WordPress plugin (which PS costs $77)!

I know from my personal experience a big part of his strategy involvesgiving away high quality resources in return for emails, and then sending emails to his list with cool tips (about email marketing and conversion itself) and always having the link to his plugin there (which solves the infamous list building / conversion problem).

If my memory serves me well, he also has a sophisticated checkout processthat offers users all kinds of bonuses for a few dollars more.  ie you get the limited time only chance to get another cool related plugin for a few dollars extra, or a more pimped up version of Pop Up Domination.

I have a feeling these upsell offers get taken up by a lot of people due to the value and genuine scarcity.

He also makes money from affiliating other people’s products, which makes total sense when you realize the type of person who subscribes to his list is super interested in online tools to grow their audience and monetize their websites.

A big reason he successfully makes affiliate sales is that he prides himself on only sending a few affiliate promotion emails a year and they’re usually for products he loves and products made by his good online friends, thereby keeping his brand in tact.

So far, so great, right?!

But the reality behind his wild success is that he works his ass off to sell aaaaaand maintain this plugin.  It undergoes constant improvements and re-releases, and the support offered is very good.

Obviously a lot of this is systematized through documentation, FAQ, support people etc.

But if you are thinking that WordPress plugins or some other piece of software is the way to instant beach-lying colada-sipping riches, then you might want to think again.  This sheeeeet be hard!

Visit Pop Up Domination or check out Smart Passive Income where case study originally spotted