How Posture Brace HQ Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
| 4 minutes read

Brilliant little example here!  I’d say this website would have taken about 24 hours to create.  Total.  It is a micro niche site dedicated to you guessed, it posture braces.

All the guy/gal behind the site has done is put up 2-3 x 1000 word posts on posture braces and that’s about it.  The rest of the site is just the usual suspects; About, Contact, etc.

So how does it make money?

Well, during the informative articles about posture braces, there are plain text hyperlinks to a “Buy Posture Brace” page.  When you get there, you’ll see some photos.  Clicky Clicky your mouse goes and all of the sudden you’re on Amazon’s posture brace homepage.

A huge selection awaits you, all at great prices (it is Amazon after all) and with the trust of the Amazon brand.  Hello conversion!

You’re not even that pissed that you got semi-secretly redirected to Amazon.  You probably think, why didn’t I come here in the first place, instead of Googling it.  Anyways, it’s affiliate commission time!

As you’ll notice if you go the site, it looks like it is a Pat Flynn Niche Site Duel inspired business, evidenced by the cheeky ‘hq’ being added onto the keyword, to make the domain.

This is all great right?  Well, I can tell from my quick and dirty analysis of the site that it doesn’t rank in the top 5 search terms for posture brace.  The site is also incomplete so I’m guessing that is hurting conversions.

But more importantly, how much money is this website really making?

Average brace on Amazon is $40 and 8% of that is yeah, a couple bucks. How many braces do you need to affiliate sale to make $10,000 a year? 

3125 braces, or 60 a week!!  I’m not even sure if there are that many people searching for it haha.  I say all that, but even if this site made just 1 sale a day, for about $33 a week, this site would be sooooo worth it.  Think about it.

The guy/gal put in around 24 hours of work and could potentially earn say $1700 a year from that…that would be outrageously awesome.  How many people do you know that earn that in a day?!

My caveat though; in order to get to the $1700 figure (1 brace sold per day), the site creator is going to have to spend at least 2 weeks doing content for the site and building some sort of backlinks in, so that it can rise up Google.

Or he can pay for this, say $500 (lesser quality, but maybe good enough).

But overall, I like it.  And perhaps the best thing I like about it…how f**king inspiring is it for all of you who have seen countless other passive income case studies above and thought “Hey I can’t spend the next 12 months creating an authority blog, before I see a dollar of income” or “I don’t have the time or money to publish my own app”.

Boom, here’s your chance to earn your first few couple bucks of passive income in the next 90 days!! 

PS I want you to ideate on the whole idea of posture wear for a minute.  It may seem completely stupid to you, but it solves a big ass pain…horrible, unattractive rolled shoulders!  This is an appearance problem and as suchpeople are desperate to solve it.

Desperation is the friend of any killer passive income idea.

If you can give someone an aspirin for their headache – as opposed to multivitamins for their vitality – then you have a product that can sell itself.  What desperate problems do people face that you have a physical or info product that can solve them?

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