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Orman Clark is kind of a big deal in the website design world!  He makes millions every year from selling WordPress themes.  Yep, millions!  Just go checkout his work on Themeforest and you can see that is 20-something themes on average have sold 1000-5000 copies each, at about $35-$50 a pop.  Amazing right?!

Now Orman is no average WordPress theme designer, so don’t go thinking a few themes later you’ll be Pina Colading all over SE Asia.  No sirry bob!

What can we learn from Orman?  Well, for starters he transformed his life by quitting the web design game and switching over to selling tools to help others design their websites (themes and plugins and graphics – some paid, some free).

That already is a big inspiration that almost anyone can use.  Eg Say you are a physio, could you stop being a physio day to day, and instead sell the tools and services other physios need to run and expand their business?  We featured the chiropractor from DC Income, who did exactly this and is now making $100,000s a year from selling info products and coaching to fellow chiros who want to know how to manage and expand their businesses.

The idea then is simple; stop mining for gold and start selling picks to the miners instead.  This one ideation technique could produce your dream passive income business.

Back to Orman.  His success is no small part due to his generosity.  The sheer volume of high quality resources he gives away for free is mind blowing.  And it’s exactly what has allowed him to attract over 30,000 RSS subscribers.

But probably the bigger reason for his success; a quality product that people love AND a target audience who buy product after product from him.  That repeat customer idea is crucial.

If you can start up a passive income business aimed at a ravenous target audience you will kill it.  An example; a business coach who teaches students how to manage their finances, then how to buy a business, then how to grow a business, then personal finance mastery etc etc.

You create a disciple once, then you feed them fish over and over again.  Another big point to takeaway from Orman’s success is his use of Themeforest to sell his themes.

Themeforest is a marketplace for WordPress themes and just like Amazon it brings you new customers who would never have heard of you thanks to its search engine, bestseller list and more.  And just like Amazon, success on Themeforest begets more success, as the more sales you make (and the more ratings you get) the higher up the lists you move, especially when people go searching for a theme and sort by one or more of these characteristics.

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