How Ready For Raw Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
| 2 minutes read

Jennifer is so freaking bubbly, I love it!  She’s the teacher of this online course on how to cook raw food – and the author of what I imagine is her SEO-friendly and lead capturing blo, Learn Raw Food.

I think this is a great case study as we get to see a super niche topic – raw foods – in action.  It’s interesting to track Jennifer’s progress and realize she first published a cook book on the topic, before making this video course / membership site.  Now, what a great lesson that holds for us.

Publish a book to get authority (even if you don’t sell much it looks good – FYI she sold over 100,000 copies of her first book), but not money.  Create a video course to make money to live on!  I mean, put them side by side; her 3 books sell on Amazon for about $10 each, whilst her video course sells for $175 (per year).

Aside from the business side of it though, a video course is a much richer user experience, especially for a topic like cooking.  Look at Jamie Oliver; where would he be without TV…his books are just references, whereas his shows create the personality, the brand, the buy in.  Also, with Jennifer it’s an interesting case study in how to use Youtube to generate a ton of passive income.  She has over 700,000 views on her channel and Youtube adsense going on there, plus lots of links to her blog and course. Now she’s also done a great job of connecting her readers with products, and you’ll find a ton of affiliate links spread throughout her web properties.

In a niche like this, where it’s not easy to find what you’re looking for, these affiliate links are win-win.  A lot of you might be thinking, oh but she’s a niche celebrity chef, I can’t replicate her success!  Quit your dilly dallying son, we don’t need to replicate her success and earn millions.  We’re just looking to make a living through passive income.  So analyze your passions, think about what you know a lot about and get teaching with a blog and Youtube channel.  It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it needs to start ASAP, otherwise you’ll be back here in a year still wondering what to start.

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