How Samurai Sales Videos Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
| 2 minutes read

This one page site – built probably in less than 3 hours using the Unbounce platform – sells text & image driven sales videos to online entreprenuers; eg someone launching an ebook.

The cost is $499 and all the work is handled by a team of 5, leaving about $100 for affiliates and about $270 profit per video in the owners hand.  How do we know all this?

After I started following the site I later found it on Flippa – an online auction site for websites – and as part of the DD the owner disclosed all these juicy tidbits.

So an interesting case study and once again proof positive that you can take an online service and make it completely passive, by setting up the right systems and hiring the right outsourced team.

As I’ve said before, my own experience is that neither systems nor outsourcing is easy.  There are a lot of things that can go wrong.  But you know it’s all easily solved by buying an info product or two on outsourcing – I think Chris Ducker has some good stuff on this.

Anyway, back to the idea.  Such a simple idea right – text driven sales videos – and also so on trend it’s not funn!  What a great market too – fellow online entreprenuers looking to increase sales of their fledgling ebooks or courses will spend up big on anything that promises them a chance of increased sales.  Double whammy!

One more interesting point from the Flippa DD; most traffic comes from affiliates like Think Traffic and Pro Blogger, so it’s almost fully automated marketing.  Nice.

Visit Samurai Sales Videos or check out Flippa where case study originally spotted