How The 300 Workout Makes Money

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This is probably one of those passive income ideas I would have had when I was in my early 20s.  After all, think about how much time we waste on looking good when we’re young!

Anyways, the idea is simple; teach people how to get a body like Gerard Butler and crew in the Sparta movie, 300.

Leveraging off the Hollywood effect of a movie is genius.  The movie is doing all the selling for you!  The movie will get people searching for something like “300 work out” or “300 diet” or “Spartan work out”, whatever, and your blog on all things Sparta fitness related will reel in the traffic.

Because the area is still pretty niche, you can rank high in Google if you’reearly to market with your site and have some decent content on the topic for free.

Anyways, so once you get the visitors to your site it’s not too hard to convince them to part with say $37 for an ebook on a topic their pretty damn interested in (thanks again to the movie!!).

Ebooks are particularly desired for topics like this; the person wants to solve a problem, wants a plan, want something structured (compare that to a fragmented collection of blog posts). An online video course teaching the same would be even better though.

I will say I am still unclear on the intellectual property aspects of this.  I mean I know you can’t put a trademark in your domain name (eg, but is a movie title protected like this…I don’t think it is (mini disclaimer: seek legal advice!).

Update: I did look further into this and it seems the only time movie titles get trademarked successfully is when the studio can be bothered (surprisingly not often) AND they’ve created multiple movies (ie a series, eg Twilight).  But yeah, you can never be sure without doing a trademark search and consulting a lawyer.

So anyways, this is a passive income idea I really like.

If you do a little keyword research you’ll quickly find out that over 70,000 people search for the main keyword “300 work out” every freaking month.  They are huge numbers.  With this site sitting at around position 4 on Google for this term, you could expect they would see 5,000-8,000 uniques a week (thanks to this keyword alone).  Boom.

Best of all, if you look at their site, you’ll find only a few articles!  Wow!!  Talk about a well-executed health and fitness info product idea.

What movies can you leverage off to create an info product on?  Fight Club Work Out, Cat Woman Diet, etc etc?  And what about non-health products; fashion, accents, acting skills, philosophy etc?

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