How Treadmill Reviews Makes Money

RichardBy Richard
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This is an inspiring case study and one that has got me chomping at the bit to replicate something similar in another part of the sports equipment niche.

Here’s why…

First up, treadmills are freaking expensive.  They start around the $800 mark and go up quickly past the $2000 point.  So affiliate commissions are bound to be north of $100 every time you make a sale.

It’s also a great niche because the product itself is complicated in terms of different features mixes, which means people find it verrrrry hard to choose which one to buy.  ie people are out there with no idea what to look for in a treadmill, how treadmills differ etc and desperately need help.  They are crying out for info.

And since people turn to the Internet now, as opposed to some biased hard-selling mofo at the local sports store, a reviews site dedicated to the subject will be their salvation!

In fact, when they land on your site that compares all the different treadmills out there and teaches them exactly what to get, they are so close to the buying point that more times than not they’ll just go ahead with the purchase there and then (on your site!!!).

A large part of this conversion idea has to do with 1) that the ‘Buy Now’ link will often mention the trustworthy site the person will be redirected to in order to make the purchase (eg Amazon) and 2) the fact that Internet prices will also be so much cheaper than real world store prices.

You do of course run the risk of people using your site to choose their treadmill, and then they go price shopping on Google.  But you can make more than enough money from the amount of people who just go, “Yeah let’s do it!”.

To get this site to the top of Google across multiple search terms the owner has created a lot of free content, not just product reviews, but also resources like the easy-to-follow ‘Buyers Guide to Treadmills’.  Love that.

On the buyers guide; it is probably only 1000-2000 words, so don’t think everything you create has to be 10,000 word epic resources.  Often time starved people prefer short and succinct guides.

Treadmill Reviews also has a very cool search feature for people looking for a review on a specific treadmill.

Anyways, now it is over to you!  Take some time to think about $300-$2000 product niches where you could create a reviews site yourself.

Everything from photo cameras to wedding celebrants to bench press equipment to rowing machines is up for grabs.

I can’t say it enough…this affiliate reviews style site is the BEST way to get started in ecommerce.  You concentrate on marketing, and let other people worry about order fulfillment, delivery and customer satisfaction.

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