Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Program Using A Fake Store

RichardBy Richard
| 2 minutes read

This is a very interesting idea for those of you who think your own online store with drop shipping (where you take payment and liaise with the supplier) or fulfilling orders yourself is too hard.

I hadn’t really thought about this idea until I came across an online bedding store recently.

So here’s the deal…

I search for a very hard-to-find bedding, eg turquoise sheets (this was for someone else, I swear), and then one of the few useful results takes me to this online store.

Cool.  All’s normal.

But then when you click the “Buy Now” button you get redirected to Amazon (all thanks to Amazon Associate Program)!  The product page for these turquoise sheets is on Amazon to be specific.

Hey you still want the product and well, even better, now you can buy it from a trustworthy site as opposed to some semi-dodgy looking site.

Great.  You go ahead.

The store creator gets his affiliate fee.  And now, since we’re no longer talking about selling a freaking $10 book, and instead talking about $140 sheets, the affiliate fee is 14 times bigger (think $14, not $1)!

And how much easier is it getting one bed sale vs 14 book sales (above idea).  Nice.

One thing I will say is that Amazon has been banning a few AA websites recently because they don’t properly label the link, ie say that when you click you’ll be redirected to Amazon.  If you just put the standard AA disclaimer in the footer of your website (away from the buy now button) you should be right though.

I am thinking about doing a few of these stores, since the drop shipping business involves a lot more time – I’m referring to partner negotiations, payment gateways, fulfillment issues, customer support, returns etc etc.

This idea is so much more passive than the traditional online store with drop shipping model.

PS I believe it’s also possible for the whole checkout process to be done on your site, ie visitor never gets redirected to Amazon and the process is faster and more seamless.

But then again, maybe you want them to head to Amazon, because more times than not people end up buying more products on Amazon thanks to the beauty of Bezos’s “Recommended For You” and all round website design…and in case you couldn’t guess, Amazon gives you affiliate commission on those extra products too!  Bonus round!!

P.S. this course & software is perfect if you want to get really good at this passive income idea.