Make Money Buying An Online Business

RichardBy Richard
| 2 minutes read

It sounds too good to be true, right?

Just stump up a couple thousand and then you have a cash-generating machine in your hands.

Well, there is the risk that in 12 months the site has no Google traffic (usually because the site’s backlink profile was built in a mega dodgy way), the monetization strategies you introduced didn’t take off, the site needs a lot more work than you hoped etc etc.

As with buying any business, you won’t necessarily have a golden-egg-laying goose in a year’s time.

But if you can shrewdly filter the 1000s of businesses for sale and obtain a great price on an auction site like Flippa, then buying your way into the passive income game can be quite a smart strategy indeed.

I know a lot of business experts always say it is much easier to adopt than give birth to a business so to speak.  ie it’s much easier to keep a thing moving, than it is to get it moving in the first place.

To make this work you definitely need to learn the ins and outs of valuing an online business.

Since the risk is higher and no passive income stream is ever set in stone, don’t rush into it and don’t believe every word you read online – and hey, this person trying to sell to you wants money now…but if the site was really so good and pumping out the cash flow, why wouldn’t they want to keep it and take the cash flow year after year?