Make Money Designing Stuff

RichardBy Richard
| 2 minutes read

If you’ve got any design talent at all, this can be a very cool idea.

Sites like Cafepress make it super simple to submit designs, which means just like with the stock photography idea above, you can pump out a ton of designs in an afternoon and leave them up there waiting for people to buy.

The key to making money with this idea is to design stuff for niches you know, eg computer geeks!

I’ve seen one designer who’s pumped out dozens of t-shirt designs that involve HTML and CSS jokes, and is killing it…relative to the amount of time invested in the initial design work.

And think about the number of niches that attract super excited followers; crafters anyone!

Oh and the crazy super niches…a friend of mine bought 12 chimp mugs from Cafepress recently.

Oh to be a monkey designer!

PS if you don’t have a lot of design talent, it’s still super easy to get started; eg take 100s of photos in the real world, and then upload them across all different types of products from cups to tshirts…you can stretch each monkey photo far!

PPS a big secret is to just go for volume, eg 100 photos on 10 different products = 1000 products for sale…and that’s just one days work!  Oh, in case it wasn’t clear, I would send say your 10-100 designs to a VA, along with the categories/products you want them uploaded for, because this is going to take hours of mindless uploading and configuring.