Make Money As A Digital Publisher

RichardBy Richard
| 4 minutes read

So the idea here is simple…you build the website and do the online marketing, whilst someone else creates the info product, whether that be an ebook, online course, template or whatever.  You go 50-50.

I love this idea and that’s why we’ve teamed up with a lawyer friend recently to create some legal kits for online sale. 

A whole new world of Pina Colada sipping possibilities opens up when you think “Who’s expertise could I help sell online?”.

It’s kinda like creating your own affiliate program in a way.

So yeah, really go away and think about all your friends and colleagues – who’s an expert at something that we could turn into a quality info product?

P.S. the absolute #1 thing you need to do before you try this idea…

…test the idea BEFORE you team up with someone to create it.

I cannot reiterate how important this is.  Nothing would be worse than getting someone to work on an info product for months, to then hand it off to you, but you can’t actually sell the freaking thing because there is no demand / willingness to pay!

Just as importantly, if you do test the idea first, and find out there is a big pay off – ie lots of people are willing to buy – then you can negotiate a good deal with your content creator.  For example, you could just pay them a flat fee, fantastic!  You get all the upside.  And since you’ve tested it, you know there is upside.

So how do you test your idea?

1. Setup a fake sales page.  I use LeadPages to do this.

So the idea here is that you want to see if people will buy your ebook or course BEFORE you make it.  And the reason I use LeadPages to do that is because it is sooooooo fast to make a fake sales page.

Back in the day – I sound like a 90 year old here – I used to have to get my designer to build out a page, and then my developer to code it out.  And of course I’d have to get a domain, hosting, CMS etc.

With LeadPages you don’t need any of that!

Seriously, not even a designer.  A total newbie could sign up for LeadPages now and have a fake sales page built within 20 minutes.

Best of all, you can send traffic to it without needing to setup a website, domain name etc.  Quick, cheap and effective.  That’s my kinda testing!!

2. Send traffic to it.  Google Ads or Facebook Ads are the fastest way.  I tend to lean on these, because I can’t be bothered floating around Facebook Groups or forums and leaving links in the hope people will click them.

And since I’m just testing the idea itself I am not about to write guest posts or execute a full content strategy to get traffic.

I recommend you do the same.  Budget $300 to test your idea.

If you have an info product idea in mind, then I suggest you do the same:

1. Get LeadPages – its not cheap, but it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

2. Build your fake sales page.  I recommend using the “Smart Product Sales Page” template or the “Free Course 2.0 Page”.  I’ve seen great conversion rates with both.

3. Launch the page live using LeadPages own publishing mechanism.  So no need to buy a domain or hosting etc.  Nice and easy.

4. Send Google Ads to it, not Facebook Ads.  I prefer to target Google adwords of people far down the buying funnel.

5. Wait and see.  LeadPages will tell you exactly how many people visited your page and if you make the fake buy now button lead to a second LeadPages page, then you can see exactly what % of people bought and thus whether the idea is worth going ahead with.