Make Money Interviewing People

RichardBy Richard
| 1 minutes read

Kind of like Mixergy, but for any niche! 

You give away a ton of the content for free, and then charge for the premium stuff or for the latest stuff.

Either charge per download or offer unlimited access for a monthly recurring charge.  You would probably be best off with a monthly charge for access to member’s only site.  This wouldn’t be too hard to setup, especially if use Wishlist Member (membership software) + WordPress.

If you are interested in this idea I recommend you study the sheeet out of Mixergy and see how Andrew does it – he’s got a cracking business together there.

Once again, I’m including this passive income idea…but only just.

It’s pretty active after all, if you plan to keep adding to it and expanding your customer base.  But hey, 80% of the content is being created for you via your guests, so smile a little, this idea has some legs!