Make Money From iPhone, iPad or Android Apps

RichardBy Richard
| 1 minutes read

Oh hello bankruptcy!

Haha, nah apps aren’t that expensive to get made anymore.  And if you want to create a mainly info-based app there are plenty of easy to use programs online for DIYing this for a couple hundred bucks.

I’m not a big fan of this idea truth be told. I think the App Store is a lottery.  Oh and the Google App Store doesn’t seem all too profitable even for great app makers.

But getting back to the Apple App Store…

Here’s the only way to succeed; find an app that is awesome, people love it and are willing to pay a bit for it.  Now create a derivative app.  Ie go for something similar but solving a slightly different pain or re-targeted at a slightly different audience or designed slightly cooler etc.

I’m saying don’t bother trying to be original.  Just ride a wave and pray a little.

If you already have an online audience built up (say like Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income), then you can market your app a bit easier through your own site and your regular affiliates, and thus make the app game less a lottery, and more a fondle in the dark.