Make Money From A Niche Group Buying Site

RichardBy Richard
| 2 minutes read

This is gonna take some serious work, but can pay off big time.

It’s important to think outside the box with this one and realize that any niche can work well with this.

Take Adam Baker’s Only 72 – he took the Groupon idea and applied it to Internet marketing info products.

Boom, a twice yearly (I think) deal that generates half a million in sales each time!

It pays to target niches where the target audience are ravenous consumers…ie they want multiple products and thus want the group deals.

Two ways to structure the deal site…

You do one product a week or month, or you group a bunch of products together and do a bundled deal once or twice a year.

Think about what products are also open to deep discounts, eg info products where the CoGS is basically 0-2% (thinking about payment gateway there).

How passive is this idea really?

Well, if you negotiate all the deals today and schedule them to drop on your site over the course of time – or just do it as one big bundle deal once a year – it’s pretty passive.  Just a unique form of affiliate marketing really. 

You will have to work hard on generating content to attract people and build the email list for your niche, but that upfront work is the case with every idea that can possibly bring in the big dollars.  And hey, everyone whose product you feature (and thus cut in on the deal), will be motivated to mention the deal on their site too.