Make Money Creating An Online Education Site

RichardBy Richard
| 2 minutes read

This is going to make millions for those that get it right, but to be honest it’s not entirely passive.

The example that springs to mind with this idea, so I can really explain what I’m talking about here, is Corbett Barr’s Fizzle.

It’s an online member’s only site where there’s a library of content (video and resources), monthly webinars, daily Q&A, forums / mastermind group etc etc.

ie it goes beyond a simple online course and replicates the learning experience of going to university where you have course books, lectures and tutorial classes.

It accordingly isn’t a cheap product, and instead demands a monthly ‘tuition’ fee if you like, of $30+.

The passivity in this product is probably about 70%.  ie you create the curriculum up front, and then add bits to it over time, often with the help of guest ‘lecturers’, but you still have to do a lot of work with your students / community.

It gets more passive for you personally if you take on some people to run the program day-to-day week-to-week, or you limit your interaction with the members / community.

But I’m going to be straight up here; if you plan to really kill it with this idea (ie $100k + a year), then like any authority site, this is going to require your full time attention.

Either way, the only way to setup this sort of online education site would be by creating a member’s only site.  That’s a bit of work also.  To keep it simple and low cost I would recommend Wishlist Member + WordPress.  It’s the same combination I use for my course sites that are members only.