Make Money Organizing Public Domain Information

RichardBy Richard
| 2 minutes read

In today’s world we don’t suffer from lack of information, we suffer from lack of accessible information…the kind that is organized and easy to use.

If you can organize an unwieldy body of knowledge into one tight, succinct set, you can charge for it like a mofo.  (I apologize for not setting a very good example with this comprehensive and structured article on all the different passive income streams around ;).

Now, I’m definitely not suggesting you go out and do the organizing yourself, as this is low-level work you should outsource – it’s freaking data entry half the time.

To give a little more illustration to this idea let me give an example; say I’m a law student trying to get a job, what would be really helpful are the phone numbers of all the local law firms in my city (I mean all of them, not just the 7 that pop up in Google when you search for “law firm Dallas”).

So here you are thinking, hey I can get a VA to scour all the public records for this info, compile it and then organize it into a database.

Now we have something to sell to students from the local law school, or through Facebook, Google Ads or better yet, an SEO optimized blog.

If this works (or any other compilation idea), who says I can’t scale it and do it for lawyers in San Franciso, LA etc etc.  I’ve just created an “Exclusive Networking Contact Database” for aspiring lawyers looking to land $100,000+ jobs.

There’s gold in them databases!