Make Money Reviewing Products & Linking To Amazon

RichardBy Richard
| 3 minutes read

This is different to the ‘fake store’ idea, because here it’s not an online store we’re building, but rather a content-rich site with tons of product-focused articles and videos etc.

ie one idea is for an online shop and the other for a blog/affiliate site of sorts.

So before we get into this, I want to say this is classic Chris Guthrie, the guy behind Up Fuel.

Chris is the guy who has earned $100k+ a year with Amazon affiliate fees…oh and I’m talking $100k profit, not turnover!  (Unsurprisingly his course/software on how to do this is pretty popular)

The important points per Guthrie are that you pick a physical product niche, then talk about specific products, so that people who arrive on your site are pre-qualified – ie they’re doing research on a specific product and ready to buy if they get some confirmation that it’s a good idea.

All you want to do is get people to click your Amazon affiliate link.

That’s it.

Once they get to Amazon they may buy the product and/or other things (you get paid for them too – although your Amazon affiliate cookie expires within 24 hours of the person clicking), since Amazon is sooooo good at converting people per their web page layouts, prices, suggested products and what not.

So scatter a ton of text based affiliate links throughout your article.

Your article can sum up all different products for a particular use, review them or whatever.

Just make sure it’s 100% unique writing and not copy-pasted product reviews/specs etc.

Some other points with this idea…

We don’t care about keeping people on our site, actually we want them to get going to Amazon, so make everything clickable, including affiliate coded product images, buy buttons etc.

The better quality your review, the higher chance the reader is ready to click – if you do hands on video reviews for example, you’re killing it!

Also, Guthrie says since it’s a product niche, you should try to build an email list by offering free buyers guides in exchange for sign up (you can email the list every time you do a new review for example).

One more cool tip, affiliate both high cost and low cost items, because by pumping up your volume (through low cost sales), you get the chance of earning higher payout ratios on the high end stuff later in the month!

Make sure you use different Amazon tracking IDs for different sites, so you can see which site is leading to the highest payouts.

Also show how products differ and publish best selling posts once a month.

P.S. if you like this idea then checkout Chris Guthrie’s course/software on making money from Amazon.

I’ve bought it myself and I love it, because the keyword tools help me find profitable niches in hours instead of days, whilst his insider tips on how to best affiliate and sell on Amazon can make the difference between barely eeking out a few dollars a month and making bank.