Make Money Selling Merchandise

RichardBy Richard
| 2 minutes read

Why the feck did I include this?

Well, because I am OCDing all over the joint and want to make this list uber complete.

This passive income strategy may not be the finest.

Unless you have a super popular blog or a blog that speaks to the heart of reader’s identity, eg a blog on Buddhism by a guru, eg political satire blog, eg an irreverent blog on old vintage cars etc, your readers are pretty much never going to say “Hey I want to walk around with your blog’s name plastered on my back”.

With all that said, there are other things you can put on merchandise apart from your name/logo; eg quotes your niche would find inspiring or hilarious, graphic designs to do with your niche etc.

And hey, it ain’t too hard to whack up a design or two on Café Press, and just add that to your blog.

Why not?!

At least I’ll quit shooting this idea down then.

PS I’ve had a think about this idea more over lunch, and I think I may have failed to realize how many blogs fall into the “speaks to the heart” category.  I remember reading Corbett Barr of Think Traffic for example, saying how they made a couple hundred dollars from selling posters of their Expert Enough manifesto.  So I guess the circle is quite wide.

Heck even someone like Arseblog (a guy who writes about the English soccer team, Arsenal), makes a fair decent amount of passive income selling his humorously designed Arsenal t-shirts.  Go for it!!