Make Money Selling On Ebay

RichardBy Richard
| 2 minutes read

How passive is this idea really?

Well, if you get someone to take care of the fulfillment side of things, pretty passive. 

All you need to do is contract with someone in China via Ali Baba or the Canton fair itself, get it imported (maybe even straight to a full service warehouse) and then setup a shop on ebay (that last part can literally be done in 20 minutes).

It’s a very repeatable formula if you get it right.

The key to this income stream is your ability to choose the right product; one that’s not easily available locally or is way overpriced locally, doesn’t cost too much to post and you can make a 30% or more margin selling it on ebay at competitive prices.

The less traditional idea is to buy something in bulk in the US at the low US dollar price (I’m talking about products that are only available in the US) and then sell it on ebay internationally at super premium prices (including high foreign currency price).

For example, the Kindle Paper White…I think I paid a 45% premium on the US price to an ebay seller.  Good work on his part since he’s filling a need.

P.S. there is a much smarter way to make money selling products online

…I am of course talking about selling your own white labeled products on Amazon.  It’s 10x more passive due to Amazon marketplace + fulfillment.  The full strategy for pulling this off is here.