Make Money From Vending Machines, Laundromats, ATMs etc

RichardBy Richard
| 2 minutes read

Joking!!  Got you!  These suck big time.

I’ve read so many blow-by-blow financial accounts of these businesses and in no way can they add up to profit, apart from the exceptional few business operators who are crafty at selecting locations, negotiating deals with vendors and efficiently outsourcing all the leg work and maintenance.

Also, we need to take into account an important factor with these types of real world businesses and that’s the management/operation fees you incur; ie you don’t want to be going around restocking machines or collecting freaking change every week right, so you have to hire someone…does this business still make a profit?

Whenever you read those BS riddled investment statements by companies that sell vending machines for example, they usually do the ROI calculations based on the idea the owner will do the work themselves and that the owner will work 100 hours a week!

PS In terms of exceptional business operators, I know the story of one guy who worked in investment banking as an intern, then quit, and used some money from his parents to buy a coin laundry, whose proceeds and equity he then used to buy a second one, and…well, you know how the story goes.

It’s similar to property investors, who leverage one property into another, and another etc.  This guy showed it’s possible when you understand location / catchment area sizes, financing (oh this is such a big part of it) and expansion strategy.  Not easy at all.