Make Money Writing For Adsense

RichardBy Richard
| 1 minutes read

This is different to setting up a blog and putting up adsense on it.

With this idea instead, you write like a freaking nutjob and distribute your content to one of dozens of high page rank content publishing platforms.

Anything from eHow to HubPages to Squidoo to Quora to Yahoo Answers to InfoBarrel will do.

They all differ dramatically in how much % share you get in the ad revenue, but if you’re able to really pump out decent content on niches where there isn’t info saturation, then it could pay off, maybe.

And by pay off, let’s get expectations right here, and think a couple hundred dollars a month for say 50 quality articles…if you pick the right niches, write useful content and get a bit lucky.  Very rough calculations here.

But on the plus side, if your content is evergreen and based on smart keywords it could bring you in a worthy amount over the course of time.  And hey nothing feels better than getting that monthly check for $300 for a bunch of articles you wrote last summer in your spare time.

But to be honest, I’d much rather self publish my content and monetize it myself through info products, affiliate links, direct advertising and who knows what else!